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ysxura Sapphic. Poetic. Sporadic.
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A letter I'll never send to you.


Right now, there's a tightness gripping at the base of my neck,

And I can't tell if it's from the looming hangover I got after drinking myself miserable,

Or just the hold you had on me since the moment you told me you fancied me.

Your laugh was the sweetest, yet the most dangerous, sound I had ever heard,

And since that first moment I'd heard it, I knew I wanted to hold your hand soon after.

You'd asked me on a date and made me shout "yes!" at the top of my lungs,

Saying I'd finally meet you on that Saturday, my stomach twisted in nerves and excitement.

But then you said you were leaving - dressed in blue to train with the Navy;

and although I wanted to support you and be there for you,

I feared the thought of you forgetting about me while you followed your dreams.

I guess I just fell too quickly - I feel too deeply.

You've shut me out of your life since your plane took off,

And I'm just here wondering what I did wrong.

What did I do wrong?

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