Ode to Soulja Boy
Ode to Soulja Boy soulja boy stories

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by Kalvin Marquiz & Jaxmyn Smith

Witness the magic of Brave New Voices. Listen to Kalvin, and Jaxmyn pay tribute to the empowering music of Soulja Boy.
Winners of Brave New Voices!


Ode to Soulja Boy

We thank you for the life lessons you have blessed upon us.

Because of you we never came half stepping to dance battles.

Only you could create an intense workout regimen under the veil of a hip new dance, to our Heavenly Father of Mid 2000s Bops,

unprecedented Master of Pretty Boy Swag.

Oh, Dear Soulja Boy.

Because of your amazing grace I wake up early in the morning ‘round the crack of dawn and wave to my neighbor and say, “What’s Up”.

I cruise through my neighborhood with my speakers going hammer (bammer, bammer, bammer)

I have the faith to tell my crush to kiss me through my phone

I demand that my teachers throw some Ds on it, Even when i had straight A’s

Thank you for giving me the courage to go up to the bully on the playground and go YAHH TRICK YAHH

How dare they call you a Has Been? washed up?? Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Do not listen to them my humble prince.

They know not the blasphemy they speak.

Forgive those heathens, For not seeing the miracle you made with just a camera and a dance You casted a black magic spell and enchanted an entire generation

You, Commander in chief of music revolutions Legend of the indie artist King Soulja, you valiantly fought for creativity.

You waged war against the music industry, Youtube as your battleground so that we could see our reflection in the music

You went viral in a time when I was to be seen and not heard,

But you spoke.

Soulja Boy Tell Em

And nothing was ever the same.

Thank you Soulja Boy for being the savior we didn’t know we needed.

For paving the way for the prophet Beyoncé to say: I hopped up out the bed and turned my swag on I look in the mirror say what's up (Whats up whats up whats up)

Thank You, DeAndre Cortez Way For making the internet a haven for those of us that did not belong.

For creating a space where outcasts can proudly declare our existence.

For forcing America to listen to a black kid from the South for teaching us to bird walk, to superman, to be all the way turnt up, For giving Black kids in the South permission to be confident

When southern black kids were called ratchet and unintelligent, you used their stereotypes against them

The world wanted you in handcuffs and you made your body into a slingshot and took down Goliath

Paved a road for us that went from the front porch to the Grammys

You built your success from nothing

And where would we be, oh lord, without your sacrifice

In your anointed name we pray,


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