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I'm someone who has never taken a even a sip of beer in my life, but I've sought to challenge myself to a portrayal of heartbreak, and fixing things up with some alcohol. Whether I portrayed it well or not — that is up to you.

s o b e r

By YoursTrulyMaryZ


I swayed.

He put me down gently-

As the souls hit at me-

I've drank. Too much.

And I shall not cry-

Life is bored without us in pain-

I don't deserve this — or I deserve more.

My numbness no more-

To life- torture's a game.

For life is a torture-

Bid me salvation

Hear the clanking of the filled-to-the-brim beer bottles- it is like music.

Give me my numbness-

Give me my music-

Drunk on l i ba t i on s

And yet I am sober.

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