Rubber Heart
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yourlivingend I'll see ya on the dark side of the moon
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Here you have it. My endeavour of writing a cohesive poem resulted in this undefined work. Enjoy yourselves if you find this somewhat enjoyable

Rubber Heart

By yourlivingend (or Syd, of you wish)


In my mind of cold sweaty tears

Stands a statue of frittering stone

I shiver to the sight of what could have been

If I could comprehend its endeavour

Of petrifying me just by thought

Making me motionless

While the flowerbuds moulder in vain

A lifetime is always short no matter how you squander it

Whether you scream because of death or pleasure

The excruciating yawp has the same tone

So that what you wish to find when you chase love

Might just be waiting behind the next gravestone

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