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Removal and Moved I pace back and forth across the office. This is it I think I'll finally meet someone that will perfectly match me. I sit down and look at the screen, and the first question strikes me.

The Test Novellete

Removal and Moved

I pace back and forth across the office. This is it I think I'll finally meet someone that will perfectly match me. I sit down and look at the screen, and the first question strikes me.

How did they know. They can't know. Why did you run? I answer, "I don't know what you're talking about" Thank you for your feedback Suddenly a boy appears on the screen. My heart sinks.

They knew and tortured me about it.

What do you think of this specimen I reply "Um Um okay I guess" Then a girl appears on the screen What about this specimen I can't help it my jaw drops she's stunning,

the computer will definitely know now. I can't lie now. "She's stunning," I blurt. The screen fades. So this is what everyone keeps talking about. I feel numb.

I walk out to see an Official approach me like a well-oiled robot. Well, they are robots dumbass" He talks to me saying " This way Lexie Abernathy" I follow stiffly to where my impending doom.

I've heard rumors of what happens after your test results were wrong. " Lexie Abernathy your test results were inconclusive and showed that you are an Anomaly.

" "Please follow me to the Anomaly camp" My jaw drops.

There are more of me? There is a camp, immediately as if he read my mind, he says "Lexie Abernathy you must have questions but I ask you to hold them until we get to the camp.

"Soon I'm blindfolded and sent to the Anomaly camp. It looks different than the barren city, it's vibrant leaping with colors.

The Official brings me inside "Welcome to your new home Lexi Abernathy" "But if there are more why do you say that there isn't?

" "Lexie Abernathy we don't want people to think that Anomalies are a nice community that would just be disastrous wouldn't it be. "But why lie to them?" I wondered.

A girl comes up to me she introduces herself as Mary. She is cute, long blonde hair compared to my unique purple pixie. She is petite: reminding me of the willow tree back at home.

" Hi there, we usually don't get new people nowadays but that's okay welcome to Pride Camp.

" I reply with "But isn't this just the Anomaly Camp" She laughs as if I said a joke "Wow you really don't know anything well around here we don't call ourselves Anomalies we call

ourselves different things. Like Nova over here she is lesbian we use the old terms for Anomalies." "But what does that mean and there are other labels? This is just very confusing to me.

" "Oh silly me I shouldn't bombard you with information on the first day. Let's just show you around" She gives me a tour around decorated with flags I don't quite know.

"This is the bisexual room, bisexual means you like both genders." she says "So there is like a 50 50?"I ask.

"No, no silly they can almost be like Nova and love girls but still might like a guy."She replies matter of factually.

"Oh, so it's like different types?" I ask more questions until I fully understand bisexuality. Then she brings me to a room that she calls the pansexual room.

Knowing about bisexuality helps me understand pansexuality. Then I get confused she brings me to the gender dorms.

"Wait, I thought Anomalies were only here because they liked someone?!" I ask trying to sound professional but it doesn't work. She sighs like I've asked the most stupid question ever.

"No people are here too because they don't have the desirable gender of girl and boy" "But that's not what The Report tells me." I suddenly realize that they tell us enough but keep us blind.

"Moving on this is the trans room" She explains that someone feels like the opposite gender and they are called transgender.

We go through a few more rooms one is gender fluid where they can feel like a boy one day and a girl the other.

I take into consideration what I might be, "How do I figure out which room is mine?" I ask timidly.

"Well do you like girls, boys, demi, trans, or any of the other genders?" "Well I like girls and I think that's it.

" "Well for now you're lesbian but you have all these other genders to experiment with." I move into the lesbian room with Nova. I secretly admire her.

I suddenly blurt out " Do you have a girlfriend?" She looks shocked, taken aback. "I'm sorry I sometimes just blurt things." "No no don't be sorry but..

Are you hitting on me?" I blush and she smiles. "Right now I'm single but pretty soon I feel like I'm not going to be." She smirks and moves closer to me.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" My breath slows as I murmur yes. She leans in and kisses me for a millisecond. I wish it lasted longer. Her phone rings and she leaves. I am on cloud nine.

I just kissed a cute girl. I, I think I'm in love. She walks back in and says sorry for leaving so abruptly. I pretend to be mad at her to leave me hanging.

We both giggle, suddenly the girl who greeted me walks in. We immediately straighten up. " I just wanted to see if you were adjusting well ...and I think you're adjusting well.

" She laughs as she walks away. Nova and I blush. Nova says now is dinner time. "Now the food might not be the best but it's all we got.

" I realized it's been a while since I ate, I happily scarf down my food. "Are there any other lesbians?" Nova nods and brings me to a table full of girls fooling around. "Wow that's a lot.

" "Yeah I must have a lot of competition huh?" We giggle and I reply "Nope I'm just fine with you." We walk back to the dorms holding hands.

"So what's life here like?" "It may not be the best but this is where we feel belonged." We talk about frivolous things, giggle, cuddle until 10:00 where we go to bed cuddling.

I wake up around 7:00 a bit confused but then recall what happened, I look over and see Nova's already up. "Hey babe" I say in a groggy voice.

"Let's go to breakfast we need you to be fed for the induction ceremony." "What's the induction ceremony?" I ask confused.

"Oh yeah I guess Mary didn't tell you about it? Well it's just welcoming you into the community." I get ready in my best clothes. Nova looks stunned.

"What am I too hot for you?" She nods and swiftly picks me up for a kiss. This one is longer and more passionate. I lose myself in her.

Right now in this moment she is the only thing in the world. She stops and I wish we had more time before breakfast. Breakfast was a blur of introducing myself to the other lesbians.

One of them, Annabelle seemed to be really nice, but we are just friends I told her. Nova was okay with being just friends because she was with a girl in the bisexual dorms named Mary.

So Nova was right life isn't the best but we belong. Nova walks up to me and says "Are you ready for the induction ceremony?" I nod nervously. Nova leads me to what looks like a ballroom.

There is an older man standing in the front with a microphone I assume he is the leader of some sorts. He is wrinkled with age with salt and pepper hair, wearing a button down shirt with slacks.

"Welcome all, my name is Sebastian I am the leader of Pride Camp I live in the gay dorms and I would love to introduce all of you to Lexi!

She is still questioning but she will be housed in the lesbian dorm because, as of right now she likes girls. Lexi please come up here." I walk up holding in all my butterflies.

"Hello I'm Lexi I'm here and queer!" The crowd laughs I smile and sit down.

Sebastian continues on the history of Pride, and it turns out that in the past people had a whole month dedicated to pride and we still celebrate it and June is coming up.

Apparently June is just overall a month of celebration and remembrance. I walk over to Nova and we tell jokes along the lines of Hear hear I'm queer and I think I'm being crystal queer.

We laugh and walk back to the dorms. We kiss some more, and cuddle. The next day is the 1st of June, and I awake to blaring music and bright lights. Wow I think their celebrations are very loud.

I immediately am put into a good mood with all the pride songs blaring. I don't see Nova she's probably out celebrating. I see a flag which I think is the lesbian flag with a Post-It on it sayin

g drape this over your shoulders and join the parade! - Nova. I awkwardly drape it around my shoulders and step out to a very lively parade. I join in marching and the flag around my shoulders fe

els more comfortable. I finally find Mary among the chaos. She too is draping a flag around her shoulders, I immediately recognize the bisexual flag. We talk a bit and then I see Nova, she is pai

nted with every color of the lesbian flag from head to toe. "How do you like it?" She asks smiling. "A bit extra I joke" She pouts and reaches toward her face to get some paint before I know it w

e are in a paint fight! I smear some paint back on her and we giggle. We go to breakfast where different dorms have food dyed food corresponding to their flag. I wonder how long it took to do thi

s. I eat happily covered in paint. Me and Nova go back to the dorm to wash off. Unfortunately or fortunately I'll let you decide there is only one shower left in the dorms. So me and Nova shower

together I admire her muscular body while washing off the paint. Once we are done Nova wants to take me somewhere I follow diligently. She brings me to a secluded garden where the music doesn't r

each it's quiet and peaceful. "Is this where you take all your girlfriends?" I ask jokingly. "Actually you and I only know about this, it's technically off of Pride Camp but no one comes here any

way" "Ooh I love bad girls!" I smile goofily. We pick flowers (I know cliche) and talk some more. I feel the sudden urge to kiss her. I act on the impulse not regretting it at all. We now have al

l the time in the world to kiss and I took advantage of thatHeck we even experimented with different positions and types. I still faintly taste the pancakes we had for breakfast. She smelled of j

asmine and lavender.I wonder what she smelled and tasted. The time passes too fast and we have to head back. We are immediately surprised when Mary is at the border of Pride Camp "Come on guys th

ey are having a slow dance!".

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