The Test Novelette Part 2!
The Test Novelette Part 2! stories

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She doesn't even notice that we were beyond the borders. We walk into the ballroom and an ancient song called the waltz is playing everyone is dancing to it. Nova and I join. We head back into the dorms and I sneak into the library, where I find Mary reading a novel. I go to the computers and hold my breath. I don't want to be caught, or I would never live it down.

The Test Novelette Part 2!

She doesn't even notice that we were beyond the borders. We walk into the ballroom and an ancient song called the waltz is playing everyone is dancing to it. Nova and I join.

We head back into the dorms and I sneak into the library, where I find Mary reading a novel. I go to the computers and hold my breath. I don't want to be caught, or I would never live it down.

Mary stirrs and I freeze.

I quickly start typing, and suddenly Mary speaks, "I know you're here Lexi don't try to be sneaky like that come here, what's so important that you had to sneak into the library like that?

" I blush, hopefully it's too dark for Mary to notice. "I um um was just going to play a game." Mary sees through my lie right away.

"Not believing that please be honest I won't tell anyone" Mary begs with her hazel eyes. "Fine but don't laugh" I tell her that I didn't know how lesbians have sex.

I see her trying not to laugh but then she calms herself and explains it to me. I blush and head back to the dorms and fall asleep.

The New Recruits

I awake to another day of festivities. We hold a meeting, Sebastian says that they are going to try to hack into societies news report with pride celebration.

He explains that anyone caught might get into trouble so some people left.

Nova and I stay, we walk up to Sebastian and say we want to kiss in front of the cameras, he seems excited and gets the cameras,

the people hacking into the societies newsfeed give him the thumbs up, he shouts to the camera "Look at our pride and we will be heard!

" He immediately turns the camera to us we kiss and say come join us! Suddenly the society regains control but the damage is done, other people hacked other news feeds with other things.

We can't see people's reactions but we know that there are going to be multiple news articles soon. Nova and I go to bed and awake to articles shoved under each door, we rush to the article.

We are on the cover kissing, the title says ANOMALIES HACK THE NEWS The first few sentences are about how now people are curious and trying to fail their tests,

and they are coming now because of protocol. As if on cue we hear trucks coming, I rush out to meet the new people just like Mary did. I see a mix of black people white people hispanic people.

I assume by the huge crowd accumulating around them that this is a big deal. Suddenly someone grabs me. "You're the person in the article!" She says with eyes wide open.

"Yes I but please don't grab me." I reply calmly. She seems offended but releases me. Nova and I walk back to the gardens away from the chaos. Once we reach the border we sprint to the gardens.

We stumble, out of breath. I use the stone bench to look over the gardens and I see the last truck leave. Nova scoops me up off the bench and kisses me.

I tickle her and she cackles we roll on the grass tickling each other. I time out and sigh. We talk and I realize the stars are out.

Me using all my astrology knowledge I show her all the constellations and compare them to the ones at home. We head back and sneak back into the dorms and cuddle.

I wake up to Nova screaming from a nightmare. "No! Mom! Mom!?" I tap her and end her screams with a kiss.

She opens her eyes looking terrified, "What's with your mom?" She cries into my stomach, I comfort her. "My house burned down when I was 5 but my mom didn't make it.

" She makes out in heavy gasps of air. I just let her cry it out "I'm sorry I didn't know" she nods and says it's okay.

We must have fell asleep because when I wake up Nova's already up and ready. We walk out hand in hand and go to the mess hall for some pancakes. We walk to the library and start reading.

Suddenly we hear heavy footsteps and helicopters. A soldier walks in with a gun in hand and motions to his comrades to come. I drop my book and nudge Nova to put her hands up.

"Come with us" He says in a gruff voice. I think "Jesus I attract so much attention". Busy in thought it takes a bit to realize the situation.

Suddenly a soldier appears behind me putting the barrel of the gun in the small of my back, I look over and see Nova in the same situation.

I say it's going to be okay but even Nova sees through my uncertainty. We walk by the ball room and see some people we don't know on the floor, covered in blood.

I gasp "You, you killed them!!" I am in shock, I stop right in my tracks. "Just protocol ma'am. Keep moving!!" My legs are made of jello until the soldier cocks his gun.

Then I walk to a van and handcuffed. I am too shocked to even say anything. Once they have people to watch us, I slide over to Nova but my chains stop me just right before Nova.

She moves and we finally touch. The guard doesn't seem to care. It seems like an eternity before we stop. The guard moves and unchains us and tells us to get out.

Before us we see a very bland building that is humongous. The guard leads us through a series of doors. We are seated in a conference room. We see a woman walk into the room.

I recognize her immediately, she is the person in charge of the pride camps.

She sits down daintily, "So as you know you are on the cover of the many news reports, resulting in chaos with the tests.

" Nova blurts out " YOU ASSHOLE WHY CAN'T WE JUST LIVE WITH YOU GUYS!!!" She starts toward her but a guard stops her. Even with Nova trying to attack her she seems unfazed.

"It was a unified decision, and it worked for many years until LEXI showed up!" The sudden change of mood on my name startled me. "Well maybe you shouldn't have sent me!" I snarl.

"Take them away they are obviously not cooperating" The guard brings us to a prison cell, once he is gone we conspire about the crooked woman that calls herself a hero.

We agree that we will agree to disagree because right now we have no power, gain their trust grab as many people possible and run. The guard returns "You will be interrogated separately.

" I whisper "Just tell the truth." and Nova nods. He brings me into a gray room filled with guards and a one way window. "So you do understand why you are here correct?" I nod no.

"You are here for showing information that shouldn't be shown, the punishment is life in jail without revivals.

" " I was never told that I couldn't share this information, in fact the person who brought me to Pride Camp just said telling the public would be disastrous not that I couldn't.

Therefore if I wasn't told the information was supposed to be kept away from public you can't charge me." I say snarkily, thinking that the horrid Ms.

Nevrom the legal teacher actually came in handy. The guard sighs, "You are correct Ms. Abernathy, but you see you have to realize the damage you caused still outweighs the basic rules of law.

" He tries to explain to me but I shut him down. "Uh nope you're trying to pull that shit with me no, it's been also decreed that no matter how severe the crime is that you can't bend the laws.

" I silently thank Ms. Nevrom, and smirk. The guard obviously fed up with me sends in another interrogator.

He slams the table, I barely flinch "YOU ARE VERY TROUBLESOME!! JUST SAY YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG SO WE CAN GO HOME!!" I smile and say no, which takes him aback "Bring her back" He said defeated.

I meet Nova and smile, "They gave up on me, because I annoyed them so much. She laughs and she says they didn't get anything good from her.Escape

I check the cell for bugs and cameras and swiftly disable them. "Next time they take us out fight okay?" Her eyes burn with the fury of those who captured her.

I sense someone coming to fix the bugs and gesture for her to sit next to me. "Anything unusual happen here?" We nod no and he makes the guards to take us out.

I mouth wait to Nova, and they walk down a hallway I look down and Nova does as well, my fingers go 3, 2......1.

We break out and grab their guns and then take their tranquilizers and tranquilize them, we will never stoop that low to kill anyone.

We take their uniforms and sneak down a few hallways, we bump into other guards and we keep our heads down. Finally we get to the doors and we look around and see a few guards.

We act like we are supposed to leave and wave goodbye. Surprisingly it works, and we are out. We dash into the bushes just when alarms sound guards wave out and we join with our heads down.

We follow one section for a while and then we sneak into an alley and hide. We ditch the heavy equipment but keep the little money that was in their pockets.

We seem normal in our clothes so we blend right in. "Where the fuck are we going to go?" She shrugs her shoulders, "We should just get further away from that hellhole.

" So we walk through town seeing all identical straight couples We reach the end of town and we call a RoboCar and give it 5 dollars. "Where to?" "Just far away go as far as 5 dollars takes us."

"Okay driving to far away" I lay back into the seat catching my breath. Nova reassures me that we will not get caught. We go a bit further until we get to a forest, we spot a section of soldiers

we tell the car to stop and we collect our change and I whisper to Nova "Ever climbed a tree?" She shakes her head no and I hoist her up on a branch. The soldiers are getting closer, soon they wi

ll spot us. I ascend the tree on the branch next to Nova's branch, I raise my finger to my lips. The soldiers pass by and we are safe. We wait about ten minutes to make sure we are safe I climb d

own and show Nova where to put her muscular limbs on the tree. I kiss her for a second to cut the tension. We continue further into the forest, we find a hidden little town. We duck in the crowd

and fortunately see no soldiers. We ask if there are any hotels nearby, a local points us to a building we say thanks and we run to the hotel. There is a middle aged woman reading a book. "Do you

know an Irma around here?" Nova asks and I give her a confused look, "Sebastian said that this town right here if anything happened we would ask for an Irma and she would help us."

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