The Girl On The Bus
The Girl On The Bus murder stories

youngwriter24 I am a 12 bi girl who loves to write
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Old short story that I found in my Google drive

The Girl On The Bus

Inspired by "'The Girl On The Train" movie trailer. Made up the end DID NOT WATCH MOVIE

I see her everyday walking making sure no one sees her but I do always 1 A.M when the bus comes and whisks her off to wherever she goes.

This time I follow her she seems to be seeing family?

Wait this does not make sense why go to both sides of the family in a day and without her boyfriend/husband so what is this girl doing the people seem very welcoming so I will try

again tomorrow.

But she is not there tomorrow I see posters missing with pictures of her face I obviously go and tell the police what I have noticed for all I could know that she might be crazy and

those people are used to it. Next they find her dead maybe what happened was that the boyfriend's found out and killed her. So what did they do arrest the hostile one and he was found guilty.

But right before he was about to meet up to his death sentence they had to verify that it was him.

But they found that the bus driver the one that drove her everywhere she owed him, $800 so what does he do kill her they save the boyfriend and kill the bus driver.

So that girl is forever known as the girl on the bus.

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