March 21st

yougotmesprungShe,her/15/passion for poetry
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A tale of the spring equinox in 2016.

March 21st

by yougotmesprung

It is March 20th

It is beautiful outside, but a thunderstorm rages in my mind.

The claps of thunder

Remind me of the cracks of leather against my skin. Electrifying my body like lightning set to metal.

The screeching of baby birds

Remind me of the screams that erupted and poured from my mouth. Hot lava tears cascading down my ashen face.

Watching my mother hush the dog

As she whimpers at the sight of a companion, reminds me of her coercing me into silence as I whimpered at the sight of help.

The neighbors tending to their gardens

Reminds me of my mother planting seeds of suffering in my heart that flower into bruises.

And when I wake in the morning my skin looks like Spring.

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@bernardtwindwil thank you! I have been toying with the idea for a while now but I only perfected it very recently.

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Wow this was a powerful indictment of traumatic maternal abuse. great​ job.