Bittersweet love
Bittersweet love paint stories

youbetterrvn find what you love and let it kill you.
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Bittersweet love

Your finger moved ever-so-slightly along my thigh Tracing scars I wish I could forget Reminding me of a life I had left a long time ago (Or so I hoped)

Your hair tickled my nose and slid along my chest I smelled home in you and felt life in the Only thing about you that was dead (Or so I thought)

Your eyes moved slowly and you looked at me From below half-opened lids As if I were your world (Or so I saw)

Your lips curved up just enough for me to make out That self-satisfied smirk of yours That only came after nights spent with me (Or so I felt)

Your shoulder moved an inch, stabbing into my ribs Just below a patch of bright blue paint Next to a purple stain left by your heel (Or so I guessed)

Your fist broke the wall the day I told you to leave

You have never been rejected before

And it showed

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