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yosserdhaou Community member
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My soulmate ?


I don't want him as superficial as he is,

I don't want a love that is physical,

I don't want a love that lasts a year or two,

I don't want someone that makes me feel hatred

because his love does: makes me hate people,hate females around him,hate his friends for stealing him for a while, his hometown everytime he leaves for a weekend.

It's crazy, I'm crazy , I know , what I'm feeling is crazy.

I get the feeling of wanting to lock him up and keep him for me , only me.

I don't want this kind of love : the one that makes me feel obsessed and scream he is mine like an alpha female scared to lose her mate to an omega shewolf.

A mate ?

A soulmate ?

My soulmate.

Where are you ?

How much until I find you

because I keep mistaking these idiots for you,

because the idiot that I am with is not mine and I beg to god that this idiot ain't you.

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