The wife known as My Dear
The wife known as My Dear owl stories

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Ehhhhhh, idk honestly

The wife known as My Dear

"How many times must I tell you?" Honey exclaimed, his body trembling and that voice of his seemingly wanting to bite her head off. "You need me. I stayed, he left.

So why?" Nothing began to make her way to the door, each step carefully calculated so as to not call attention to her. "Why?! Shouldn't my love be enough?"

The sky above found itself fighting against the clouds, unable to do much to keep itself from hiding the stars away.

Her mouth whispered slightly, the wind allowing her voice to escape to those around her. I can't.

"I love you," My Dear cried. She turned around, tears streaming down her cheeks. "What do you mean when you say that?" Her skin was slowly turning a bright blue, covering itself in scales.

"You keep repeating those words. So often they have now become but a noise, it's a murmur. Senseless. Meaningless. Constantly in the background with no way of silencing it.

" Her hand reached for her chest. "I wish... I wish I had said Te amo but instead all I ever did was tell him I love you. In English.

For it is said by its native speakers in so many ways it has become nothing more than an expression of caring, not the actual feeling.

And the longer I am here the more I wonder, how could I? How could I tell him those words when in reality my heart felt so much more?

" She took a step back, her body balancing itself at the edge of the balcony. "Forgive me."

"Step away, Olivia." Honey said, his body slowly moving forward, voice quivering. Had he had a face then he would've found his features twisted in pain.

"Forgive me, and if you can't I deserve it. How can I be worthy of your pardon?"

Honey rushed for her, not close enough to trap her in between his grasp but just in time to see her fall. Her dressed swirled around her, slowly becoming part of her body as she shrunk in size.

Nothing followed him as he rushed back into the hallways, the voices following them whispered conspiracies, debating the end to the event. "Do you think?" They would say in a worried hush.

"No, he loves her too much," Others would answer.

The fish was gasping for air, jumping up and down across the ground. You couldn't die in that world, everyone knew it without fail.

This wasn't something they took advantage of, having fights to the death nor being reckless to the point of facing imminent death.

After all, the less they cared the less human they became, turning back into the animal they first were upon arriving.

Returning to that form was seen as a disgrace, an omen, the sign that you couldn't be saved not even by yourself.

Honey dropped to his knees, picking it up and having it fight against the touch of his skin. "Oh..." he began to mutter, his voice sobbing. "Oh, darling. Oh, baby, why?"

Nothing stretched out her hand, trying to place it on his shoulder to comfort him in any way that was possible.

There was something strange in his voice, a silence too strong that seemed to evolve the entire world.

Her finger landed on his shoulder the instant he bent, his beak grabbing the fish between it.

His hands turned into wings, stretching out before falling small against his body.

And he kept eating as his body twisted and formed itself into the animal, swallowing his beloved until all that was left of him was an owl,

whose wings stretched out wide and twisted around in agony.

Nothing tripped over her own foot as she walked away, knowing well neither of them would die and therefore it was in such way that they would remain for an eternity.

She could ask a thousand times why, but he would never speak again and she had her voice drowned in acid.

"Wait," she then muttered, realising what it meant. "No. This isn't fair." She reached for the owl, uncertain where to hold it, stopping only when it's talons scratched her hand. "You promised.

Turn back!" Her arm didn't care if it was bleeding, anything that could shake sense into the owl would help her, any single thing.

"You have to turn back!" Blood dripped onto the grass below, her hands numb from the despair in her throat.

"Turn back! Turn back! You can't leave me! You can't leave me here!" It flew away, ignoring her voice, crashing giants trees in its path. "YOU PROMISED ME!!!"

Her voice couldn't reach the sky.

Alone. There were voices behind her, all of them whispering about the event, all too focused on gossiping to focus on the girl.

Did it matter much for the ending? She was now on her own, uncertain where to go and this time, as the eyes fell upon her all followed by a single whisper, there were few willing to help her.

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