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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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When I say that's not me, the girl you have plated in 2D. (Well whoopity do dah!)

Who I am

You tell me I'm wrong

That I'm not right

That's not who I am

That I'm just too blind

That I'm the one who fights.

I just want to sit calmly

Don't constantly fill me in

Negativity is not a competition

These constant remarks

You're making my head spin.

I know it's not your fault

You don't know when enough is enough

But you're stereotyping us

Limiting our lives

Telling us what we like.

When I say that's not me

the girl you have plated in 2D

You tell me I'm wrong

It's just that I'm too stubborn to see.

I quiet down

We all quiet down

Then you grab me by the hand

And pull me to the front of the class

To sit in our seats.

Stop walking so close to me

Don't hit me on the back

You say I'm just joking when I want to leave

That I would do anything to make this last

Maybe I do but maybe I don't

All I can focus on

Is that this is breaking me

Way too fast.

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