Wake up and look in the mirror.
Wake up and look in the mirror. bullying stories

yoplaityogurtHistory repeats itself
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Why people are bullied and how it effects them.

Wake up and look in the mirror.

by yoplaityogurt

She's beautiful. Except she's not.

She's smart. Except she's not.

She's popular. Except she's not.

She's skinny. Except she's not.

She's athletic. Except she's not.

She's perfect. Except she's not.

She's ugly. She's stupid. She's a loner. She's fat. She's a freak. She's flawed.

Except she's not.

When she wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror, what does she see?

An unwanted girl.

When you look at her, what do you see?

A perfect girl.

So what do you do?

You tell her the oppisite.

And what does she do?

She puts more makeup on.

She never comes out of her room because she's studying.

She changes herself.

She starves herself.

She exercises for hours on end.

But she never becomes perfect.

Because you won't let her.

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