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yoplaityogurtThe queen of exaggeration 👑💕
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This is an awful collection of things I thought were sentences trying to form what I thought was a poem at nine years old. The poem may not be great but I think poetry really helped me find out who I was as I got older.


by yoplaityogurt

Too loud? How about too quiet?

Do I have a say? No.

Evereyone says you do but that's not true.

Why do you judge me?

I don't want any rules. I want to break free.

Pretty hair? How about I don't care.

Why is this world so cruel. I've always tried to keep calm and cool.

Why don't I get to be me? I'll be better off this way, you'll see.

I just want to be me.

Why won't my cage unlock? I feel like I'm trapped inside a box.

If you just let me chose my friends. The world is just a bend.

It's taking so long It all feels so wrong.

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