Those Pefect Imperfections
Those Pefect Imperfections stories

yoplaityogurtHappy Pride Month💕
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How do you want to be noticed? What is the way you want to be loved? Well here is a way voiced through one person's opinion. What she does not what she did, and her practically imperfect personality.

Those Pefect Imperfections

by yoplaityogurt

I want to be loved for who I am.

Not by what I used to do or what I used to say.

But what I'm doing in the pressent or what I like to call today.

To be noticed for who I currently am.

Not for the girl with the pretty smile not for the girl who goes the extra mile.

But rather the girl with the loudest voice and the girl who does everything by her choice.

And I want to be loved for my personality not my practicality.

The girl with the goofiest of grins and the crookedest of chins.

The girl who loves to complain the one that will probably turn you insane.

I want to be loved because of those perfect imperfections.

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