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It was this whole ordeal and I can’t even describe it. I hope I never feel anything like it ever again. The end.

The Pain Scale

My one to ten scale of pain: based on real life experiences.

1. Broken fingers. When I was about seven years old I was doing a backhandspring at home. I'd set up a yoga mat and I was just trying to get the skill consistent and stuff.

I was getting it and I had yelled at my dad to get him to see how good they were. I ended up undercutting the skill and landing my knees on top of my hands.

I broke my pinky and ring finger on the left hand. Then sprained almost every finger on my left and right (except for the thumb).

It was just like shutting your hand in a door or hitting your fingers into something hard. It was just kinda like a bruise level of hurting.

2. Broken toe. I was doing gymnastics at home again! I was on my beam and doing a back walkover when my toe caught on the edge of the beam and jammed and pulled it real hard.

I never got it checked out and kept doing gymnastics on it. The breaking part wasn't so bad as continuing to use the fricken toe.

I would keep hitting it on stuff and it was just like a constant bruise that would never go away.

3. Rips. So as a gymnast I have these huge calluses. They rip open and stuff and bleed and icky it hurts. One day I got a rip and I was like: alright, I'm a big girl. I'mma keep going.

I don't really remember how it all happened but by the end of the day I got five different violently bleeding rips. It's stinging pain and owie owie. So yeah.

4. Oversplits. This isn't necessarily an injury or anything. But at my gym my old coach was emotionally abusive and had us do suspended splits for five minutes on each leg.

I have never been a flexible person so something like this was terrible. I'd cry for fifteen minutes straight and my coach would yell at me and it was this whole ordeal.

It felt I was going to snap in half and that my limbs were slowly being ripped out of my body. But at least I knew it would eventually stop.

5. Broken ankle. One day we had this fun day where we ended up trying to play stick it.

I tried to do a backflip off the edge of the beam and ended up landing weird on the edge of the mat and breaking my ankle really bad. Part of my bone ended up chipping off.

My family wasn't doing good financially and we couldn't afford an X-ray.

So I kept doing gymnastics on my broken ankle with my emotionally abusive coach being emotionally abusive all at the same time.

I ended up being kicked out of the junior olympic team because I wasn't doing good and tadaaa here I am now. But it hurt more emotionally than it did physically.

6. Velcro burns. My coach set up this vault drill with a mat that we were supposed to get over without touching. But alas... no matter how hard I tried I could not do it.

Each time I tried to get over the mat the back of my thighs would graze over a velcro strip on the mat.

I told my coach what was happening and they just said that if it hurt that bad I should just fix myself. By the end of the day there was blood dripping down my legs.

It was just like if you scraped your skin on the cement repeatedly until it bled.

7. Back sprain. My coach had us put our arms on a mat and spread our legs so she could stretch out our backs by pushing it down as far as she could. She ended up spraining my back.

I had to keep doing gymnastics for a little while before my coach told me I wasn't allowed to come back until I got an X-ray. Which my mom couldn't afford.

So I spent a month without gymnastics and then went back as if nothing happened. I don't know if I sprained it or broke it.

But I can't confirm the break so my doctor just said that we'd call it a break.

But it was intense sharp pain everytime I moved (if anyone gets period backaches that are horrendously bad then this is exactly what that feels like).

8. Ankle sprain. After I broke my ankle it had never fully healed. I was so weak in the ankles and rolled them constantly.

One day I did a front layout and when I jumped on the ground my ankle was turned under so I ended up jumping off of my fricken jacked up ankle.

I bailed on my layout and was like oop my ankle hurts. It was really painful. Like really freaking painful. I almost passed out and had to hold back tears.

I was sure it was a break so I went to get an X-ray (that's how we figured I had that past break and bone chip) and turns out it was just a horrible sprain.

My physical therapist said it was a higher sprain so it was gonna be really hard to recover. It took forever until I could come back to gymnastics.

But it felt like how you would think a horrible break would feel.

9. Needling. In order to heal my ankle faster my physical therapist did this thing called needling.

Essentially she shoved thin needles really deep into my muscles and sent electromagnetic pulses through them to try and get my muscle to contract and relieve tension.

It was different for each muscle.

Sometimes it was a small twitchyness, sharp pain, charlie horse, or this sort of pain that was like your muscle fell asleep but needles and pins were actually going into your body.

I don't know but it was really painful. But it really helped me a lot. It was really worth it.

10. Swollen thyroids. I get really sick... like constantly. So I went to blow my nose after getting over a cold and it felt like something in my neck got pulled. Like a muscle or something.

I looked in the mirror and there was this huge bump on the left side of my neck. I was so tired though. I decided just to yeet off to sleep.

I then woke up at 12:00 AM with an aching pain getting worse in my neck. I went to check the mirror again and it had just gotten bigger. I woke up my mom and we decided to go to the hospital.

I got a bed after about thirty minutes but didn't receive care for three hours.

I sat in the bed sobbing as the pain just got worse and worse and I couldn't swallow, talk, or feel the left side of my face.

The doctors were scared I had an abscess or tumor in my throat so they did an ultrasound.

It wasn't either and they just chalked it up to a swollen thyroid, gave me some pain meds, and antibiotics. We went home and I fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning I woke up and went to go take some pain meds. I had to get something in my stomach so I ate some toast. I then started violently vomiting. About four times.

Every 30 minutes I uncontrollably vomited. My mom took me into a clinic and they gave me a barf bag. I felt miserable and dead.

I got in after about two hours and they said I had a fever (I never get fevers and I can't typically vomit so I felt like I was literally dying). We told them what was happening.

They said I was having a bad reaction to the meds and gave me a prescription for anti-nausea medication. They also gave me an ass cheek shot for anti-nausea as well.

They ended up getting me in a nerve and for the next month I felt like a bee was stinging me after any sudden movement. I ended up recovering but it was terrible.

It was this whole ordeal and I can't even describe it. I hope I never feel anything like it ever again. The end.

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