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yoplaityogurt I Think I Can Fly
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It was like I was looking in a mirror. One that wasn’t covered in sherbet ice cream. (This story is for a friend so I can claim that all the weirdness is justified.)

In the VAN!

Ice cream. Sweet sherbet ice cream. It's melting all over my hand and dripping onto my sheer white shirt.

“Crap,” I mutter, speeding up my pace on the downtown sidewalks.

I just wanted a day to myself, is that so much to ask for? Yes, apparently it is.

I learn that the hard way when I’m too busy licking the ice cream off my hand with a furious glare, to notice the pole in front of me. A very hard pole may I add.

“Oh, Jesus-” A car rushes by and honks its horn. “Christ!” My forehead is throbbing.

My plan of having a nice little Saturday morning has backfired. Alright, I admit it! This has been a disaster.

Everything around me is so cheery and nice as I walk by it. A rainbow sherbet mess with a bump on her forehead is really the only thing that doesn’t belong here.

I feel like a disaster, a complete f-

Another car rushes by and honks its horn.

A total disaster. Did I already say that? I think I did.

I groan and walk across the street. And then another car honks.

“Oh come on!” I yell in exasperation. “Can’t a girl just get a break?!”

The door of the van in front of me opens and a girl walks out. Dirty blonde hair, dull blue eyes, short frame. “What the heh…”

It was like I was looking in a mirror. One that wasn’t covered in sherbet ice cream.

The girl grabs my hand, jostling me towards the back of the van. My eyes widen when she opens the back door. About five more of my faces sat in the back of the car.

One of them tosses me a gun. I fumble with it and open my mouth to express something, anything. Then one of my look alike's cut me off by starting first.

“No time to explain, get in the van!” She grabs my arm and hurriedly pulls me in.

The door slams shit behind me. Shut. I mean shut.

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