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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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I’m being eaten away by myself at this point. Sorry.

Space is Something

I’ve disappeared

The stars do have to rest before coming out to shine again

Am I wrong to try to rest


Stars are pretty alone though

There are thousands of them out there

But each of them are millions of miles apart

I guess I’m not a star then

The sun

No... The moon

There’s been some sort of extraterrestrial landing on my cratered surface

I can’t go anywhere to ignore it

Or I could possibly be like mars

Rovers and little robots

Searching me and looking for clues

Trying to understand what makes me work

I just want to get hit by an asteroid at this point.

Maybe the bright and happy sun while shine so big it’ll eat me up.

Maybe if I was a star I would die out

Stars aren’t actually living

So I guess me and stars are more alike than I thought

If I was the sun I’d have to apologize

I’m sorry for going behind the clouds

I’ll eventually have to come back out

But for now I’ll just let it rain

Space is what fills my heart

There are too many black holes

Destroying me from the inside out.

I'm sorry I can’t be perfect for everyone

Do I really need to be?

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