Something to Remeber
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yoplaityogurtOh no. Is that school I see?
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A message about how we all deserve kindness, consideration, and sympathy.

Something to Remeber

by yoplaityogurt

People need to learn something about life

Kindness, consideration, and sympathy are not things we pay for or deserve.

But rather things that we should earn without a second thought.

And if you expect something in return or don't think they need your kindness, consideration, and sympathy...

... then you're an idiot.

And that is your problem.

So you better hope someone will treat you better than you did me, because your gonna need it.

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ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a month agoReply
That was very nice! The message was stronger, blunt, but very well delivered. :) People should always treat others the way they sjould be treared, but sadly, thats not always the case. Well done with this post!