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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Oh yeah, there’s gonna be spoilers so... be warned😋 fanfiction? Idk. Its not but whatever

Riverdale Theories

I don’t ever flippen do this, and I’m just an idiotic kid, but I just wanna share what I’m thinking. I love Riverdale so much. Omg.

Oh yeah, there’s gonna be spoilers so... be warned😋

Okay. Man in hood. Three possible people I’m thinking. Excuse my exceptionally bad grammar today. I’m rushin this.

Theory one: you know how betty has some mysterious brother out there, right? So. It him.

Also why is riverdale becoming Pretty Little Liars?

But the downside to this theory is if you look at the man in the hood’s slight bit of face that we are given, it looks as if he is quite a bit older than like twenty or so ever.

So I think this theory is out.

2: Betty’s dad. Sorry Betty. Your life is fucked up, deal with it. I’d like to say its him, his complexion matches the black hood’s and I think he’s insane.

The killer has to be semi close to betty, so this makes sense. Has to know she read Nancy drew as a child. A father is right there! Her dad was at the jubilee too so, yeah.

I don’t think Betty’s long lost brother was there but, whatever. This is a mystery tv show, so fuck it.

Downsides to this theory are, the black hood is blackmailing Betty with Polly. Which makes no fucking sense? This theory, I’d preferably like to say, is out.

3. Copycat killers I cannot pin. This is self explanatory. It clears up the change of handwriting between the two papers Betty was threatened with, or at least that’s what the officials say.

Or it doesn’t have to be copycat. A team. Ghoulie’s maybe, but probably not.

The problem of this theory is: the iteams Betty recieved in the mail from grundy and Achie’s dad came, in, the, mail! Not in person. Although I believe the handwriting changed after that letter.

So its still possible someones just fucking with Betty. Either way to be completely honest.

There was this fourth theory I’d like to mention that’s so insanely fantabulous I have to share it.

4: smithers is the killer. He’s old, so he matches the profile, green eyes. On “vacation?” Sure.... VACATIOOOON! 🙄 no way.

Btw if you have no idea who I’m talking about its the Lodges maid guy thing.

I see no downsides to this! Although, he weighs more than Archie described him, his skin is quite a bit more wrinkly, and I beleive Smithers, in the tv show Riverdale, walks with a slight limp.

Easy ways to identify a killer.

Sorry guys, I just debunked all the theories. Keep wondering cause I’m sure we’ll all find out soon! I’m just as fucking clueless!

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