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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Is it just that horrifying to you?


Dear mom,

When I was little I really wanted to be an olympian.

Then a veterinarian.

Then a dancer.

Then a teacher.

Then a librarian.

Then a writer.

Then a psychologist.

Things change.

And you know how happy I was when I'd say "When I grow up I'm gonna be--"

How sure I was.

You never, ever, told me that my love of a future reality was just a phase.

When pink was my favorite color you never sat me down with tears in your eyes trying to convince me that I actually liked green.

You never took away my clothes with pink on them.

You never told me that I shouldn't be telling other people that pink was my favorite color.

You never told me that it was just a phase.

That I was confused.

That I shouldn't be labeling myself at this age.

So then why did you say it this time?


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