One Friend Can Make a Difference.

yoplaityogurtOh no. Is that school I see?
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Inside lays a few jornal enterays that belong to a girl. A girl that needed nothing more than a real friend.

One Friend Can Make a Difference.

by yoplaityogurt


Friends. They'll come and they'll go.

Clothes. My style will change every other month.

Attitude. I'll go from 1 to 100 real quick.


Friends. My replacments got worse.

Clothes. I forgot to wash my baggy hoodie.

Attitude. I snapped long ago.


Friends. Can I even call them that? I don't even know.

Clothes. I found this on my sister's floor.

Attitude. My mom asked if there was anything wrong with me.


Friends. They're all gone.

Clothes. I wore this three days straight but I know no one will care anyways.

Attitude. I think I need help.


Friends. Foes.

Clothes. I don't care.

Attitude. Get the heck away from me.


Friends. Meow.

Clothes "Hey mom, I don't have any socks."

Attitude. I told her to stay away.


Friends. She talked to me anyways.

Clothes. I wore a hat...

Attitude. She made me smile.


Friends. The girl stayed with me for quite awhile.

Clothes. I actually wore a color today, not just a shade.

Attitude. I think this girl is bringing up my mood.


I think I'm starting to enjoy her company.

Clothes. She gave me one of her T-shirts..

Attitude. I feel ... less sad?


Friends. She told me we're besties

Clothes. I wore her T-shirt today

Attitude. All I can do is hope.


Friends. She stayed.

Clothes. She has some of mine.

Attitude. I can't help but realize, she saved me.

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