Ode to Spring
Ode to Spring spring stories

yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Just me screaming about how much I love spring.

Ode to Spring

I hate the season of spring. I want it wiped from the face of the earth.

Just all the allergens in the air. It's like it's purposely trying to kill me. And it practically does every single year.

Either some form of pneumonia, flu, or a random virus no one's ever seen before. Love that shit. Just shove all that pollen into my lungs and have a disco party. Please.

Can it just... not exist? I mean every single event related to some of the worst days of my life revolve around spring.

And then we get all fancy with my seasonal affectedness disorder. I just get so fucking SAD in spring. It's like I can't feel anything. Ever.

I mean... the new Animal Crossing game came out today and I don't even have even feeling in my brain to pick up my switch. Spring makes me feel hopeless.

Can I kill spring? Kick it's bucket before it kicks mine? Idfk but it's Corona time.

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