Little Sad Thing
Little Sad Thing lesbian things stories

yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Just a bit of time on my hands lately & I forgot how much I love writing horrifically but not caring at all

Little Sad Thing

Little despair, take me by the hands

I'd do it myself but I'm far too busy trying not to breathe.

Come on, lungs are overrated anyways

So just put your empty palms in mine.

Femme fatale, kill me already

I want to part ways with the beating in my chest.

Gentle anticipation, oxymorons weren't always your style

But could you end this worry with a tender stake to the heart?

Lovely girl, je ne sais quoi

I've scrapped my knees falling for you.

Lonely girl, moonstruck the poor wind

You've left me breathless but at least I know I can feel again.

Self punishment, how else am I supposed to know I'm alive

But I didn't quite realize you'd be hurt too.

What an awful feeling of shadenfreude in this little sad thing called a chest.

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