I Gave Up
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yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Everone tells you to try. Everyone tells you not to give up. Everyone tells you that it's the wrong choice. But what if it's not?

I Gave Up

by yoplaityogurt

They say you should regret it They tell me to forget it. All the feelings I hide and the times that I've cried. But as suprising as you may find I've tried.

Only for it to get harder each day I just couldn't stay. All the feelings of pain It was insane. But if I ran away I'd be a useless stray.

And so...

I'm stuck with a decision That requires my permission.

The first would be to leave To be free To be happy.

The second would be to stay. To be miserable Stuck in a never ending loop Of negativity.

They tell me to regret it To forget it. To never give up On my unachievable dreams.

But little do they know As this little girl grows She let her fears show And her confidence vanish.

And so...

I chose to be happy. And this action will cause people to look down Upon me.

As I gave up. When they told me not to.

To keep on trying. To put my thoughts and feelings aside And grow some pride. To grow myself a spine To tell myself I'm fine To get tough Just when it gets rough.

And that's exactly what I did When I gave up.

I will not regret it And I will not forget.

The choices I've made And the fact that I've been afraid To let go and be free To be happy.

I will cherish it. I will remember it.

This story that will unfold The one that will be told By me.

And you can not imagine How long I've been waiting To tell someone this story.

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