February 2-3rd
February 2-3rd your-day stories

yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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"None of this is okay."
"I know."

February 2-3rd

She was an angry driver.

“Where the heck is she! Obviously, she doesn’t care about being on time!”

“I think-” I tried to pipe up.

“I swear she can’t do a single thing right!” The car swerved again.

I tried again, “They’re practicing at the-”

“I might just leave her here!”

They’re practicing at the middle school. I forgot how bad her mom can be.

She pulled out her phone, texting Paige I guessed.

“Oh my God.”

The car swerved and Oscar fell out of his seat. He was wearing a seatbelt.

She was still texting Paige.

“Watch out for the-”

She slammed on the brakes, then glared at me through the rearview mirror. “I know how to drive.”

My heart was speeding up. God, she was gonna give me a panic attack.

She picked Paige up at the middle school.

“I’m sorry!” She cried to her mom.

“You don’t even mean it, and can’t you make sure I know where to pick you up!?”

“I’m sorry! I am! My phone died!” Paige sat down next to me, looking at me and rolling her eyes.

“I saw that! Do you want to go to the Iowa State game tonight!? You better fix your attitude.”

We sat in silence. Well kind of.

Paige’s mom kept yelling at her until we got to the game.

Paige and I shared ice cream and nachos. We got to sit in a row behind them, which we were both grateful for.

Hayley Young, our favorite gymnast got first place in all-around and Iowa State got 1st place at the quad meet.

When we got in the car again, Paige's mom kept yelling at her.

We both went downstairs and got set up in the basement.

We watched Heathers the musical and each fell asleep on the couch.

Once I woke up, there was more yelling.

Oscar and their mom.

“Paige,” I shook her awake.

She blinked at me.

“It’s always like this?” I asked.


“None of this is okay.”

“I know.”

I skipped breakfast.

When they dropped me off at my house, I headed upstairs and gave my mom a hug.

"Was it okay?" She asked.

"No, it was Paige's mom again"

My mom folded a shirt. "I don't think we can do anything about it."

"I want to," I whispered. "None of them deserve that."

"I know."

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