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yoplaityogurt I Think I Can Fly
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They make us forget ourselves, they make us lose ourselves. They help her discover herself, they help him find himself.


They hold we lose control.

They make us forget ourselves they make us lose ourselves.

They help her discover herself they help him find himself.

They make and brake us.

They hurt and invert us.

They make our dreams come true or sometimes they'll take them too.

And it doesn't matter who you are.

It doesn't matter if you have scars or if you've reached the stars.

No one is emotionless no one is heartless.

And It's not even possible nor is it plausible.

Imagine living in a world of zombies where everyone is literally nobody.

So even though I hate them debate about them.

I still need them to live to love.

To cry to lie.

To smile to push myself another mile.

To know when enough is enough to learn not to give up.

So next time these emotions decide to plan an attack I'll remember these emotions also keep me intact.

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