Do You Need a Cup of Coffee?
Do You Need a Cup of Coffee?  zombies stories

yoplaityogurt Alone Together
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Here is a story about a person? Wait... I honestly don't even know what she is. You can decide yourselves.

Do You Need a Cup of Coffee?

by yoplaityogurt

They walk around with a limp. Be carefull or they'll trip.

If you get into a fight they'll give you one heck of a bite.

They move really slow but don't underestimate their show.

Because if you make them mad you'll want to regret what you did bad.

When the bright light shines they hiss and cry.

You might as well say bye bye.

But when the hours pass and the person lasts,

She goes back to normal (or as normal as she can be.)

Wait a minute, you're saying that you're confused.

Excuse me? You want to know if we're talking about vampires, werewolves , or zombies?!

Well my friend I hate to break it to you but, it's none of the above.


I am NOT a morning person.

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