Death by Insanity
Death by Insanity
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In a world of immortality the death of Elizabeth Marie Anne will most definitely create problems, wouldn't you think?

Death by Insanity

She sat at her desk in an expensive office chair inside her living room which was held within the halls of her one hundred room house.

While she was sitting at that desk she was drinking tea, not because she was thirsty and not because it was good for her health, but because she simply wanted to.

The next thing she did was pick up the newspaper and flip through the pages.

Instead of finding what she always did which consisted of perfect weather and traffic jam reports, she found something that most definitely concerned her, peaked her interests.

Elizabeth Marie Anne 12/25/2073 - death by an unknown source.

"No, that simply cannot be," she said out loud voicing her thoughts.

You see, this woman who is currently drinking tea, is the scientist who discovered the secrets to immortality: the ability to live forever; eternal life.

For as long as anyone can remember no one has died in practically twenty years.

So the scientist stood up and walked over to her garage to then get inside the most expensive car money could currently buy.

A trip to the residence of Elizabeth Anne was now mandatory.

When she arrived the first thing she did was go and talk to the deceased's husband.

When the woman asked Elizabeth's husband how she had died the man said "a reason that is still unknown."

"Before your wife died sir, was she acting strangely?

The man seemed to be contemplating his response to the lady's question, "I believe she kept on going on and on about how she thought that the world is the same every single day."

The scientist racked her brain for an answer, "death by insanity."

"I'm extremely thankful for your help Dr. Greens," The man said.

And in the next ten years there had already been 2,734 deaths under that name.

In fact in the next ten years there was only 2,734 deaths.

Rachel Valerie Greens 3/13/2079 - death by insanity.

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