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The start to a big project

A Broken Picture

“Chase time to get up, it’s pancake day!”

My head pounded to the tone of his voice and I kept my eyes tightly shut. If I could ignore him, it, everything long enough it would all go away.

After that thought a huge mass jumped on top of me and my whole body groaned at the sudden pressure. I was wrong, ignorance makes everything worse.

“I said wake up!” I groaned in defiance, bringing a hand up to my temples and trying to massage away the soon to be epidemic of a headache.

Everything inside and outside of me felt like it was about to break. My head was attacking me, my body, my overly excited brother, and pancake day. Pancakes are not worth waking up at…

I opened my eyes to peer over at my alarm clock. Big mistake. The pain in my temples intensified by an unimaginable intensity.

It ran through my eyes that were most likely bloodshot from last night, did I sleep in my contacts again? All this pain was making it impossible to think.

Either way I don’t think I’d be able to recall.Soon a blurry figure on top of me came into view.

“Morning Tray,” I rasped out. Of course that’d hurt too, why wouldn’t it? The blur on top of me, what seemed to be their small little head cocked it to the side.

“Morning? What do you mean morning? Its…” he paused and turned around for a brief second. “Literally the afternoon, twelve thirty seven.”


“It's time!” He ripped the blankets off of me and chills manifested everywhere.

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