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yoonmin028 Hi i hope i can entertain all of you ppl
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It’s short sorry


JIMIN yoongi yelled for the younger. Yeah jimin said from the couch. Hey bae wanna make a vlog. Yeah Jimin says. Jimin kissed yoongi.

INTRO PLAYS* hey guys it min yoongi. And chimmy jimin did cute face. At store* jimin want to have a ice cream. Yes jimin said happy. They went to DQ. Yoongi got a dipped cone. And jimin got vanilla.

Jimin I wanna tell you something yoongi said shy. Yes bae what is it? Jimin said curious. Well we been together for 4 years already right yoongi said. Ya and Jimin said

Well I feel like we need to go to the next level yoongi said getting down on one knee. Jimin had tears in his eyes. Yoongi jimin said about to cry

Park Jimin will you make me the most happiest man alive and marry me please baby yoongi said hopeful. Yes jimin said crying. He pounced on yoongi and cried into his shoulder.

Yoongi put the ring on. Everyone started clapping while some people were recording. I love you so damn much park jimin. Yoongi said with happiness in his voice

I love you too yoongi jimin said wiping his tears. Mwah jimin kissed yoongi on the lips. And so did yoongi. They got married and they been together for 9 years already and they are happy...the end

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