Namjin forced to be married episode 3
Namjin forced to be married episode 3 jin stories

yoonmin028 Hi i hope i can entertain all of you ppl
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Heres episode 3 Hope you like it Yoonyoonminmins

Namjin forced to be married episode 3

SON WHAT ARE U DOING DOWN HERE My dad said trying to get me of the leash and while panicking. Not another step mr. Kim seokjinjo. Rm said with a gun pointing at mr. Kim. U leave and nothing will happen to him. He leaves you’ll be dead he said with evil in his eyes.

Let my son go he’s to innocent my dad said afraid. Dad just leave I don’t want u getting hurt I said with fear. Son I will find u one day okay and he will be in jail I promise my dad said hugging me. Leave rm said upset. Why are u upset mr Kim namjoon my dad said still hugging the life out of me.

Because, your touching him the way I only can he said upset. My dad left and I was left alone with RM. well baby boy u see how master is when someone touches you like that he smirked evil. He said getting his belt. My eyes widened. He slapped my sensitive skin with his belt. AHHHH I yelled in pain.

After that I was crying he was watching me. He went up to me and he looked up to me in the eyes. He sucked my neck and left a mark. Mmm I moaned, he looked at me in the eyes and whispered. Your only mine Jin okay no one else’s only me Rm said making

More marks. Ahhh I scream in pleasure. He started licking me in my lower area. Mhmmm I said in pleasure while he eat me out. I came he liked it clean. Then he did things to me that I enjoyed But i saw something behind him and it looked like jimin with a gun finders keepers he said I woke up.

I was afraid I looked around. He did rape me but the thing in my dream never happened. Then Rm opened the door and he took the leash of the hook at made me follow him and we arrived at a unfamiliar house. Sweetie your here Mrs Kim said happy. Mom meet my boyfriend. I looked shocked

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