Bts Jins parenting skills
Bts Jins parenting skills

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yoonmin028 Hi i hope i can entertain all of you ppl
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Teaser of a upcoming series called parents it’s basically where Jin is the parent of Hobi jk lil meow meow and
chim chim taetae

Bts Jins parenting skills

Hey Jin taehyung said happy. What pesent Jin said. I was wond- taehyung got cut off, here’s a dinosaur Jin said dramatic. Umm, why do, I need this? Questioned taehyung. So you can hug it when you give up on your dreams my child Jin said. W-W-what? Taehyung questioned. Hey eomma can I go out on a date Jungkook asked, no your grounded Jin said upset. How we are on a tree? Jungkook said. Then your, gonna stay on this tree come on children let’s go Jin said. Wait what about kookie Suga asked worried. He know he is afraid of him being alone. MIN YOONGI Jin yelled. Coming suga yelled. Bro get in my backpack. *jungkook turned into lil pink bunny* comin suga yelled again. Jungkook hopes into his backpack. What took you so long Jin asked. Ummm nothing suga said. Okay... Jin said. Hey baby Rm says kissing jins face. Blehh suga mumbled. The end

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