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yoongles a love imperfect, but so beautiful
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"... never existed in the first place."


Sitting down, playing nothing's and everything's on the piano, felt like the world was so far away.

The laughs fall from our mouths as I cling onto you in need of air. Holding each other like we never want to let go.

No uncertainty, no doubt, just joy.

The sun made its way up, giving us the first light of day, daybreak.

Nothing was better than the smiles that graced our eyes, little crescents peeking out as they matched the elation of our beating hearts.

Though as beautiful as I had thought of it, it only reminded me of what I could have,

what I did have,

what I lost,

and what could have been.

Now they're just blurred colors as our time has now broken and flooded me. But I'm so emotional just the same because it was real.

The emotions were real, the scene was eternal, infinite, forever,

and yet it had never existed in the first place.

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