My Brothers Friend (Jungkook FF [Original]) Chapter 1
My Brothers Friend (Jungkook FF [Original]) Chapter 1 hoseok stories

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This chapter (Chapter 1) Is short, sorry. More coming soon.

My Brothers Friend (Jungkook FF [Original]) Chapter 1

Y/N POV Ring Ring Rinnnnnng The ringing sound rung through out my room waking me from my sleep. I groan slightly and reached for my phone to see who was calling. Without looking at the caller ID I sat up and waited for the person to speak ???:Hello is this Kim Y/N? Y/N:Yes? Is something wrong? I spoke softly the person could hear the concern and leftover sleep in my voice

but i took the phone from my ear and seen it was the hospital I put the phone back to my ear quickly and asked if something was wrong. Doctor: Yes, I'm sorry to say this but your parents were involved in a car accident. They were in minor condition on the way to the hospital but it seems that their condition was getting worse by the second and did not make it to the hospital. I'm sorry but your parents have passed away

I can not believe this ...They are ...GONE? I thought to myself my vision got blurry from the tears dwelling in my eyes. I was brought back to reality when I heard the doctor calling out for me Doctor: Miss. Y / N? Miss Kim? Are you okay? Hello? No I'm not okay. I thought to myself. I just lost my parents. No I'm not okay. I thought to myself.I just lost my parents. Y/N: A-Are you sure it was them?I-I Can not lose them. They are the only family i have left. I-I dont have anyone else

I spoke out while crying. I lied, Well Sort of. I have an older brother but me and he got separated at the orphanage. When I got adopted before me. I never saw him again. Doctor: I'm sure Miss Kim. I'm sorry for your loss ma'am. I will leave you alone. Goodbye, Once again I'm sorry..With that doctor hung up. The phone dropped from my bed and into my lap as I quietly cried. With that doctor hung up. The phone dropped from my bed and into my lap as I quietly cried. I make sure I have my phone and keys before locking the door and walking down to the park.

I put my hands in my pocket as I walk around the park, My earbuds in as i Listened to BTS Tomorrow. While I was walking I looked down at my feet I was not paying attention and I bumped into someone. I fell to the ground and fell to my butt. I looked up to see someone who looked awfully familiar.Before i knew it my eyes were blurry from the tears in my eyes. It was.....

Who was it? Find out later!~

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