My Brothers Friend (Jungkook FF [Original]) Chapter 2
My Brothers Friend (Jungkook FF [Original]) Chapter 2 bts stories
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My Brothers Friend (Jungkook FF [Original]) Chapter 2

??? POV: I was walking down the park path while listening to our new song, when all of a sudden i felt someone hit my back. I turned around to see who it was. It was a beautiful girl. She was sitting on the ground. It seems shes been crying. I gasp Softly "Are you okay?" I reached my hand out to her. When she looked up her eyes widened, and she started crying again. her eyes werent on my face. I looked

and followed her gaze, Her eyes were...on my neck. Why is she crying? "D-Do you like it?" I questioned and helped her up. When helping her up i seen she had a necklace just like mine. My eyes widened "Where did you get that necklace?" I pointed to it with tears in my eyes, lifting my gaze slowly to meet hers. "Oh this?" She spoke softly "I got it from someone very important...before we were separated...." She looked

down with a sad and hurt expression...Is it her? It can not be?... Snap out of it Seokjin. Its not her. "Well Im Jin, Kim SeokJin." Y/N POV: "B-Bangtan S-Seokjin?" I stuttered out. I seen him think for a moment before nodding "Yes, Do you know me?" He tilted his head with a small smile. Oh god, I just bumped into the BANGTAN member SEOKJIN...The Worldwide

Handsome...."Is there something wrong with that?" He questioned, his smile faded as he tilted his head. Suddenly i got on my knees and did a full bow "I-Im so so sorry." I was trembling visibly from the pain of the pavement digging into my knees. Jins eyes went wide as he shook his hands and helped me up. "No no no its fine i promise, you dont have to do that." I looked up to jin as he stood straight. "S-Sorry." I did a

90 degree bow and stayed there for a moment before standing straight and looking at him. He smiled slightly at me, still seeing my shocked and sad expression "A-Are you okay, you were crying." He examined my red and puffy eyes." I looked down tears dwelling in my eyes again as i trembled. Before i knew it, i felt someone hugging me tightly. I looked up and saw Jin holding me tight. while looking around. His

Expression went from Joyful to simply sad. "KIM Y/N?!" I flinched hearing that voice, someone i didn't want to hear right now. Soon i was no longer in Jins embrace but i was on the ground "Yah!! Don't touch her!" He helped me up from the ground again and helped me dust off, examining my bleeding hands. "T-Thanks Jin" I thanked him as he put a tissue on my hands. I then looked over to the person behind us as i moved

Behind Jin, scared of him "Y/N Get your as over here now!!" He shouted, making me tremble. "I-I dont want to ......!!!" I Shouted at him, his name ringing out through the air.

Who was it? What happens next? Find out next chapter!~

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