My brothers Friend (Yoongi FF) Chapter 1
My brothers Friend (Yoongi FF) Chapter 1 bts stories
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"Dont leave me! Come back! Come back Kim -----!" You scream at the top of your lungs and cry as your brother Seokjin came over and comforted you "Its okay Y/N. Everything will be okay." He said as he pet your head slightly. That was the last i ever seen my brother. Kim...Taehyung

My brothers Friend (Yoongi FF) Chapter 1

~10 Years Ago Author POV~ “I'm looking for a nice sweet boy. Someone who can help around the house.” The older woman said excitedly. The owner smiled warmly “I know just the Boy. “ He spoke politely and bowed, going up the stairs and entered the room you and your older brother SeokJin were playing. “Kim SeokJin pack your things.” He said, excitement evident on his face.

“Why?” SeokJin asked, already knowing the answer. You knew the answer too. Your older brother was leaving you. Just like your other brother TaeTae. “Your Being adopted.” The owner said with a wide smile. “I can't.” SeokJin said seeing the tears in your eyes. “Why not?” The owners smile faded “Because if i go then she goes with me. Package deal for the Kim Siblings.”

Seokjin smiled and brought you in for a tight hug. The owner sighed “Fine. I'll tell...Ask them..come with me...both of you.” He said, walking out of your room. “Seokjin Oppa.” you called out to him as you both were walking out. He turned to you “Yes?” He smiled sweetly to you. “Thank you. For not leaving me here, and leaving me like him….” You emphasized the last word.

You hugged Seokjin tightly “Anytime Princess.” He smiled and hugged back. Soon breaking the hug, he took you down the stairs where the owner waited for them. They went to the woman and her husband “Mrs. Jung!~ So, this is The boy I was telling you about. He is nice, caring and!~ He can cook, clean and other house work!~” The owner was excited about it as he talked about Seokjin.

Mrs. Jung smiled widely but her her smile faded as she seen you, she gave you a look of disgust. “Who is SHE.” She hissed the last word “This is his sister Kim Y/N.” The owner said introducing you. You did a 90° angle bow and then came back up a few seconds later “Hello i'm Kim Y/N. Kim Seokjin's little sister.” Mrs. Jung shook her head “I don't want her i want him only. Take this...This THING away ple-” She was cut off by Seokjin oppa

“YAH!! She is my little sister! I'm not going to let you disrespect her! If you want me to go with you then you have to take her with you!!” You flinched as you heard Seokjin shouting. He rarely shouted at anyone. The owners jaw dropped “Yah Kim Seok-” He was cut off by the woman “FINE! Ill take you both!” She shouted out with a scary facial expression.

I felt small under her glare, I couldn't look at her anymore. so i looked down. "Great!~" The owner said with a cheerful smile "Just follow me to get some paperwork done and you two go pack." He said, pointing to Me and Seokjin. I nodded slightly and Seokjin went first and was already up the stairs but I heard someone call my name. It was Mrs. Jung. I turned to look at her and she gestured for me to come closer so I did.

When I was close enough to her she whispered something in my ear "I hope you dont think im gonna go easy on you. Im going to make your life....HELL." She whisper yelled.

What will happen next chapter? Whats this lady's problem? Find out next chapter. Tell me what you think!!! Till Next time!~

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