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A special request for some uplifting words. If you have any requests for a specific topic, then leave some ideas in the comments!


Infifamily - A combination of "infinity" and "family".

With biological family, everyone knows that relationships can become... strained. Whether that's through enduring enough pain and suffering together... or alone because of them.

Once you find that hand waiting for you above the pit of despair... It'll finally be clear... family is not only WHAT you make of it... but WHO you make of it.

After feeling abandoned for years... You can finally find new family... A forever family... A family that continues to grow without bounds... An infifamily...

You'll make friends far and wide who care about you. Your family bonds can become stronger even if they've broken. You can let those who you hindered in growing, and those who hindered your growth, go. And it will never stop.

No matter the treacherous issues you face... the insurmountable expectations you feel you have to live up to.... or even the possible abuse you might go through (or currently do)...

just know that we're rooting for you. Whoever your "we" may be. Your infifamily is out there. Love and warmth will surround you if it hasn't already.

Who knows... perhaps you're apart of someone else's infifamily already.

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