Withered Flower
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yohwhy Just an adventurous soul
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They will not keep us quiet.

Withered Flower

You took my innocence away when i didn't even know what that was called... That thing they talked about in school but was still too young to understand.

I didn't tell anyone because i was scared. And because i knew you for a long time But you broke me..

I thought I did something wrong Something that made me deserve it But now i know the truth

It wasn't me It wasn't my fault You ruined my childhood My innocence My dreams

I still till this day have flashbacks that haunt my head. I feel broken sometimes..

But I've made it this far, right? I've been able to sustain a tolerable way of living So that i can survive.

And that's what i did.. I SURVIVED.

I made something out of myself. Despite my pain My suffering My silence...

I will never forget what happened to me How I felt And what you did

But I am a survivor. And I shall continue to fight and speak my truth. For I am not the only one.

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