She's Trouble
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Chapter 1- 'Well that sucks' 'What you say bitch!' I shouted.'Say that again I fucking dare you'

She's Trouble

Chapter 1- 'Well that sucks'

'What you say bitch!' I shouted.'Say that again I fucking dare you'

'You're the reason he's d...' then Bam! I punch that bitch square on the face. She let out a painful scream and hold her bloody nose.

Then all hell break loose, I straddle her and punch her over and over and over again, letting my anger speak for me.

'Maze, stop! Maze you'll kill her, stop!' my best friend Sekani desperately yelled snapping me back to reality. Oh fuck I really lose my shit. Good, that bitch Kashoo deserve it.

'Next time, think twice before crossing my way' I whispered in her ear and she whimpered. That bitch, Kashoo Donovan clearly doesn't know when to shut her big fucking disgusting mouth.

'Miss smith! My office. Now!' the manager voice boom in the hallway.

'Calm your tits, you old scrawny ass' I retorted. The old jerk look taken aback by my sudden outburst and he pulled on an angry ass expression.

I know I'm already in trouble so what the hell and most importantly no one ever fucking shout or give orders to Mazikeen Smith. Only my parents 'cause I know damn well I'll get my ass beat.

Walking to the office, the secretary Mrs Penelope with a fucking bored expression look me up and down. Stupid hoe, I know she use and still is Fucking the old jerk.

Ewe, just gross.

'Got a pr'blem with me?' I snapped.

She shook her head, a disappointed look on her old ass face. 'Why you're here?'

'The usual' I replied coldly.

'Mr. Othello is waiting for you in his office. You may go' I enter the office without looking back at her.

'Miss Smith, take a seat please' I do as I'm told and sit right in front of him and lean on the chair. 'Well, Miss Smith you have.......'

'Cut the bullshit' I cut him off giving him a dead glare that dare him to argue with me. ' Am I expel or not?' I'm fucking aware of what I fucking did, no need to lecture me.

He sigh and give me the papers and with that I leave this hellhole. Shit, you have no fucking idea, how fucking happy I am at the moment but my happiness will end shortly.


'What the hell happened Mazikeen' my father shouted. His tone demanding.

'Hummmm, I don't like that tone' Bella, my wolf said. It was evident that we were made for each other. She and I were hot tempered. I guess It's in our blood.

We were in the dinning room, mom sits besides me while dad was pacing back and forth trying to calm his ass down and shouting at me. Yep.

That what I get for beating the shit out of that bitch Kashoo Donovan.

'That bitch doesn't know when to shut her fucking mouth' I snapped, clenching my fist in the process.

'Language' mom warn giving me a threatening glare.

'Maze, it's the fourth school you've been expelled to during the past three months' she added calmly but her voice was filled with disappointment and regret.

'And what was I supposed to do? Hum? Let her talk shit about me?' I asked slowly losing my patience.

'You beat the Alpha's daughter, Mazikeen. If I wasn't the beta and his best friend, you would've been in great trouble' he let out an exasperated sigh.'He is more than furious by you act'

'Well, that sucks' I let out a humourless laugh. Both my parents look at me like I'm a crazy ass hoe.'l'm not afraid of the big bad Alpha' l honestly admitted.

Dad let out a heavy breath that I know he's been holding for too long and sit next to me. Both mom and dad on either my side. I know what's coming, the moment I've been dreading. The talk.

They will certainly talk about the reason why I'm a psychopath.

'Look honey, we know you miss him and trust me we do too' dad looked at mom then, bring back his attention to me 'I know It's hard but you need to let go' the fuck! Is he fucking serious.

You know what fuck them. Fuck all these bullshit. I abruptly stood up, the chair falling in the process and make my merry way to my room.

I didn't say anything, before heading upstairs dad called me.

'Pack your thing, you're going to your uncle Stan' I don't even look back at them and head to my bedroom. No word was spoken after this conversation.

' I know It's hard but you need to let go' dad words keep haunting my mind. The thing is I can't let go 'cause I need it to remind me.

To remind me what those motherfuckers did to him, of who I am and for who I once fight for. I wasn't in the mood to throw a tantrum either. It's easier to pack my things and go, which I did.

I leave without saying goodbye the next morning. I'm still piss I don't want to see them.

My uncle Stan join the neighbourhood pack after finding his mate. He's a cool guy, he and aunt Julie are the only people who understand and do not judge me.

We get along very well and I love them though I'll never tell them how I really feel.

I think that I need some time away from my pack and everything, specially the persons who I considered my parents. Here I am about to knock on the door.

I press on the button, hearing the door bell rings twice and the door burst open revealing a grinning Julie. She hug me and invited me inside.

'Where Stan?' I wondered sitting on the couch, switching on the TV. Stan and Julie are childless so they considered me as their own daughter.

As if hearing me the front door slam open and walk in a very happy Stan 'Where's my niece?' he exclaimed loudly, excitement fill his voice.

'Calm your ass dude, I'm here' he run and jump on the couch and wrap me in a tight hug crushing my bones in the fucking process making Julie giggles and me choking for dear life.

' Oh God I've miss you feisty' he sighed and pulled away. 'I'm gonna make dinner' Julie said heading in the kitchen. 'Curt told me what happened. How are you feeling?' Stan asked concerned.

'I suppose you want to talk 'bout my feeling while I braid your hair and paint your nails.' I said and roll my eyes. He burst out laughing.

'Yep, it's gonna be the best months ever.' He exclaimed happily and take the remote from me.

Those who don't know us would think I'm a rude bitch for talking to them the way I do but he has the mouth of a fucking sailor, he can't tell me shit.

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