A Heart To Remember
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yoanaxx Here to share my heart with you.
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One last letter to you, before I move on.
I'm sorry for hurting you.

A Heart To Remember

my heart breaks for you,

cause I know yours do too.

because they knew each other,

and we broke them,

like little kids,

playing in the summer,

falling on the ground,

screaming in pain.

cause it's fun, until you make a mistake.

until you get lost in the game,

laughing and running,

and you fall,


our hearts remember,

the "I love you"s and the "I miss you"s,

and the happiness before the great depression,

before they got so used to ignoring each other's


they remember what it's like to truly adore

each other's existence, to cherish it, to need it.

before we left so many scars on them

that they weren't able to recognise each other.

to trust, to loosen up, to confess, to be free.

my heart is learning to love itself,

but keeps reminiscing over the way yours did.

over the excitement of them colliding,

over the peacefulness of them falling asleep, with their rhythms synced.

my heart saw all the good in you,

and ignored the bad.

and yours did too.

and I know they're both so afraid of seeing the good in someone else all over again.

I know they're scared of calling someone else "love",

of fully being open.

I know we traumatised them so much,

put them through heaven, then hell.

and I know they'll be forever grateful for that,

for showing each other how to feel to the fullest.

how to compromise, to change,

so much that after that you don't know yourself.

I know they'll be forever grateful for all the acceptance, the experiences, the beautiful words and beautiful actions, the trips, the internal fireworks.

I know they'll be forever grateful that they met,

that they teached each other so many things.

I know they'll be forever grateful that their paths crossed,

I know i am.

and one day, I know they'll be forever grateful that they parted.

I know i will be.

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