Great! You've started working, now what?
Great! You've started working, now what? life stories

yitch Techie
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Great! You've started working, now what?

by yitch

Everyone is lost

You're not the only one without a direction in career, relationships and life in general (if you know what you want to do, share your success!)

It takes time to find ourselves

Self awareness is the first step to move away from obligations and really understand yourself

Look beyond your company

Many folks who have worked for a few years tend to fixate with their skills that are mostly relevant internal to that company. Talk to people outside

Ask yourself the hard questions

Are you happy with your existing role? Are you satisfied with what you are doing? Can you see yourself doing this for the following year?


If you are unable to find a job outside, start looking at your gaps. Fill them. Quickly

Keep moving forward

Don't stop. The world sure as hell doesn't

Mentor others and have a team that pushes you

Have a strong team that drives you to do better. Sometimes the team is not there yet. Create it.

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