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Community building

by yitch

The ridiculously long journey of attracting folks

Present age is all about people and their passions. How do you identify people's passions?

Enter psychographics

We've got to stop the stereotyping (darn demographics) and go further with attitudes, values and opinions (this makes us human)

Make that connection

You have a 6 second window to connect. (And you should only use 6 seconds. It's obvious whether you share similar passions)

Seeing faces

Physical face to face interaction speaks 1000 words and 10,000 unspoken. Connecting with these folks helps to seed the community you are trying to grow

Virtual connection

Social networks help to reach out to a ton of people and helps you to scale through 2nd and 3rd degree nodes

Let's go!

Start finding soul mates, connect with them and build stuff!

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