You're not awake yet, are you?
You're not awake yet, are you? sad stories
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yenma нσℓℓσω мεтαℓ вσηεs
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a poem about someone i love

You're not awake yet, are you?

I can hear your snores,

softly, your heart beats,

whispering, ' I love you,' in your sleep

I take a while to respond,

I respond with a soft,

'hey, I love you too', but you never reply,

I try to start a conversation,

but your breathing has gone soft

I stare at your closed eyes,

I hid my face, suddenly hating all of my being

all of my existence,

I whisper,

'You're not awake yet, are you?'

it's 3am,

ofcourse you aren't

I love you even so,

and whenever you sleep,

I'll be with you in your dreams.

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