Semi-Alone [Life Update]
Semi-Alone [Life Update] poems stories

yenma нσℓℓσω мεтαℓ вσηεs
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Life update

Semi-Alone [Life Update]

I'm kind of alone, but I'm kind of grateful for it. If I hadn't been alone, I wouldn't have this way of thinking, that I have now. I felt constantly tied down, a Butterfly with tattered wings. Sometimes, I feel that you have to let go of something you love, to be truly happy.

and that's what I did. I left the person I loved and made friends. Friend that actually care about me, and love me, and want to hang out with me. Sometimes I think that I'm a terrible person for letting things go so easily just for a shot at happiness, but then I think to myself;

What's the point in keeping something you love if you're no longer happy with it?

there is no point. why would you do it? if something is no longer giving you the happiness you so desperately need, you move on. I feel that some people don't understand this, and may think me cold-hearted. fair enough, think me however you want,

I'm just working on my own happiness, I'm not ready for anything right now, I need 3 separate therapists to keep me on check. Does that sound at all like I'm happy with this life I'm living, or that I'm ready for anything right now?

you're thinking "probably not", or maybe you're thinking that I'm crazy, or that I'm a sociopath, which is a fair assumption I guess with how I'm handling everything in my life right now. But that concludes my life update.

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