Mars sad stories

yenma нσℓℓσω мεтαℓ вσηεs
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Mars stared outside her window, out to the sea,


Mars stared outside her window,

out to the sea,

Studying all that she could from such a distance,

She felt the moon bathing her in pale light, making her black hair and tanned skin feel much lighter than it usually did,

if you caught Mars about an hour ago, you would have known how much her hair seemed to weigh,

crushing her skull,

and how tight her skin felt,

screaming, against the meat hidden layers beneath, causing her flesh to encase her bones and play them,

against her beating heart,

which would pound heavily, and painfully like a drum, each beat playing a sickeningly sour note.

Yet, here she was, letting the pale moonlight come through her window,

and calm her down.

She can remember telling her closest friend, that one day, she'd like to meet the one that calms her so,

the one that makes her feel noticed,

instead of being shadowed by others that shone so brightly like stars,

She'd like to meet the man on the moon.

Of course, her friend would make fun of her,

telling her how her 'Mr. Moon' was unattainable.

Mars didn't listen, She never did, and never would.

Mars directed her mossy green eyes to the moon,


and whispered,

Just like music tearing through a cruelly depressing, yet comfortable silence,

"Even though they say otherwise, you're in my galaxy, and when I die,

I'll become your star,

always beside you,

but so cruelly far apart,

that my fingertips might just graze your white surface,

and you'll allow my feelings to swallow me whole,

so I can become something dark,

and monstrous,

and I'll swallow you,

and everything around us,

ending all of existence,

but we'll finally know each other,

even if we're dead,

we'll know each other,

and become something,

bigger than everything,

so keep waiting,

Moon Man"

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