3/04/18 sad stories

yenma нσℓℓσω мεтαℓ вσηεs
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I love you.


I told him I loved him

or "liked" him, I guess.

Did I tell him in a way that was quirky?

or odd?

maybe more awkward.

I told him this because he was upset,

I waited until he had fallen asleep to "make my move"

I texted him.

"I kind of want to explain to you why I like talking to you better,

and you seemed like you were in a pretty weird mood and I'm terrible at speaking my feelings so I'm going to write it out I guess,"

I wrote this 1 time

2 times

3 times


"but, you make me smile a lot more than anyone else does, and I smile a lot when I get to hear or see you,

so you make me genuinely so happy that I feel like my hearts going to explode from it; (I think that's good? Idk maybe I'm having mini strokes lmao)"

I was having a nervous breakdown,

I started crying.

1 tear

2 tears


"but I don't know, like, I also think you're very funny and I feel like I can be myself when I talk to you and that's really comforting,

and I really like it when you smile and laugh because seeing you in a good makes me 10 times happier, and I guess I'm gonna get to the last thing.

I like you a lot (which I've said before) but I'm going to explain it, I know I'm just a girl, I guess lmao but it means I might have a small "crush" on you I guess"

I guess, saying that meant me to be nervous, he later took that as to mean I lied to him.

" and eh, I hope that when you read this you don't think I'm really weird because it's giving me anxiety thinking about it lmao. Have a good night, sleep well.

(i know you'll probably see this when u wake up but whatever.) (and I wrote this out 3 different times yikes)"

the last words I had sent out

sent me into a spiral

I hadn't gotten any sleep

and when I had woken up,

I had been left on read.

and we called

and we got together

and we had fun

for a good 3-4 months

until I had fucked everything up.

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