Let Me Be
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A poem about feeling a little lost and like the whole world is against you. Also a play on the Beatles song, Let It Be.

Let Me Be

When I find myself in times of trouble No one comes to me And the only wisdom I can ever get Is a Google search, that tells me Yep, you are messed up in the head, mate And there’s not much you can do about it

In those hours of darkness, close your eyes Count to ten, breathe, c’mon Think about happier times – like that’s gonna work Like dad’s not gone to jail and mum’s new boyfriend don’t smirk And say, boy, that kid, he ain’t got a chance He’s too far gone, poor lad

I thought maybe a girl could save me But she just broke my heart That a drink or two would numb the pain But morning always comes so fast Another day, another fucking day Feeling like this – are you for real?

I couldn’t study, didn’t get the grades Expelled when I was sixteen A lifetime of failure, inevitable right? That my future was written, by a pen I’d never seen They say I’ve got agency But I’ve barely got a pound to my name

Sometimes I get so angry Not a light that shines on me But I know I could be better if someone had given me a chance Believed in me, like I never did Trusted in me, like I never have And loved me, like I don’t know how

One day they say, I’ll end up like my dad Hear the final chords fade away Before the performance has even begun Like I said it’s inevitable right? I’m just a small cog in an invisible chain Siting out yet another hopeless day And Mother Mary never fucking comes to me

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