Fabricated Faults
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yellowhanselI hate vague questions
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We've done Humanity and injustice by making it an eidolon.

Fabricated Faults

by yellowhansel

How dare we ever claim it To declare we are anything other than human A protestation of our true nature

Humanity constructed into an eidolon We have tainted it doing so We deny ourselves

Our disposition has never been 'virtuous' Our allegiance to social standards fabricating faults that are not there

Impartiality has never been a human trait

Societal shackles that condition early

Prompt installment of morality Coming before primitive instinct

How dare we deny what was before Before we became mislead

Unpolluted humanity A benevolence A brutality A constant fervor A melancholy A spectrum that was tapered for us

But away with instincts Away with undiluted jubilation

Self discovery is discovery in a perimeter Life on a leash

Refined delight is just satisfactory enough The labels are just enough

Just enough not to question

At least not too much

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