Always in My Head

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yellowbug pandora's box of suppressed emotions
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18 August 2019

Always in My Head

It's been a week.

You're always in my head.

I'm imagining things

we could have been.

Have you ever had a wish

where you could have met someone earlier?

I constantly think about you.

From the moment I sleep,

I wake up,

brush my teeth,

take a bath,

ride the train...

I tried to stop it,

but it hasn't been that much of a success.

Why of all people, me?

You could have liked

anybody else.

Did you just confuse

kindness with romance?

Or was it all my fault?

I don't want to

betray my lover,

but you make me want to.

You make me

want to come to you.

I'm so curious how your week went.

I want to

talk to you about the shows I've been binging.

I want to

tell you about the weird bus ride I had last week.

Or about those dreams

I had for two nights straight.

But you are nowhere to be found

even in my dreams.

Do you ever think about me?

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